Rand Fishkin


What Google wants from you as a website owner in 2016, why Old School SEO no longer works and why it’s radically different marketing your website today as to what is was even a year or two ago.

Business Owners found out what is happening to their website if they failed to adopt the Mobile Revolution – and the urgent changes they needed to make if their website is still not Mobile friendly. They also found out about big changes Google wants website business owners to make to their domain and what this means for them.

Why are you being asked to switch from being http://www.yourdomain.co.uk to https://www.yourdomain.com?


Rand Fishkin uses the ludicrous title, Wizard of Moz. He’s founder and former CEO of Moz, board member at presentation software startup Haiku Deck, co-author of a pair of books on SEO, and co-founder of Inbound.org. Rand’s an unsaveable addict of all things content, search, & social on the web, from his multiple blogs to Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and a shared Instagram account. In his miniscule spare time, he likes to galavant around the world with Geraldine and then read about it on her superbly enjoyable travel blog.

Matt Bailey


3 Google Analytics Reports that You Can’t Live Without

To most business owners, Google Analytics is a black box of mystery; countless charts, graphs, lists and seemingly unrelated bits of information are supposed to tell you where you are having success, what to improve, and how it all works together. But there’s one problem – no one tells you how to do it. You’re on your own, there are no instructions, and where is the big red arrow to show you the problems with your website?

In his sessions, Matt uncovered some of the mysteries of Google Analytics with his 3C’s of Analysis: Context, Contrast & Comparison, and then applies those principles to 3 Google Analytics Reports that You Can’t Live Without.

If small medium business owners ever wanted to find out how Google Analytics works, and how it can show them where to improve or where to find opportunity, then this was the session that gave them tons of answers and things to do! Lots of questions answered, businesses got informed, and learned how to utilize this powerful tool to improve their business immediately!


Matt Bailey resides in the heart of Hall of Fame City (also known as Canton, Ohio). Aiming to carry on his city’s legacy, he is a Best-Selling Author, Marketing Expert, Trainer, and Speaker. Matt is the Digital Marketing Instructor for the Direct Marketing Association in NYC, a member of the Digital Marketing Faculty for Market Motive, and an instructor for the OMCP (Online Marketing Certified Professional) Program.

Matt Bailey has taught:

  • Google employees how to use Google Analytics
  • Experian how to present data
  • Proctor & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson SEO & online marketing.

Matt’s aim to fame doesn’t stop there… he has worked with a vast and widely-known clientele, including Microsoft, ESPN, IBM, Gerber Life, American Medical Association, Disney, American Greetings, Toys R’ Us, and countless more. He keynotes conferences around the globe, speaking at more than 20 engagements a year, in addition to providing in-house training for companies.


According to The Direct Marketing Association: “No one else has approached the plain English demystification of building an effective online presence as cost-effectively and time-effectively as has Matt.” He is the author of Internet Marketing: An Hour a Day (2011), Wired to be Wowed (2015), and Teach New Dogs Old Tricks (September, 2016).

When he isn’t immersed in the universe of marketing and technology, Matt spends most of his time being a husband, a dad (to four girls) and whatever time is left is spent reading history, culture, or philosophy books. As a self-proclaimed coffee snob, he absolutely loves a good cup of Joe—especially while reading.

To find out much more about Matt, visit www.sitelogicmarketing.com

Jeff Ferguson



The Like Is A Lie: Metrics and How To Follow the Money in Media.

The introduction of digital media created dozens of new metrics for advertisers. With the addition of new digital media options every year, many more arrive to educate, but usually to confuse.

In his session, Jeff discussed the difference between Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and diagnostic metrics and how any campaign, no matter the goal, can be tracked properly.


Jeff Ferguson is the CEO and Founder of Fang Digital Marketing (www.fangdigital.com), a full-service digital advertising media agency, specializing in search engine marketing, display, social, and mobile. With over 20 years of online marketing experience, Jeff has led the online marketing efforts for companies such as Sony, Hilton Hotels, Kimberly-Clark, InterActiveCorp, Experian, and Napster. Jeff’s clients have also included renowned brands such as Belkin, CBS Local, eHarmony, JustFab, Paychex, PetSmart, The Smithsonian, and Sony.

Honored as one of PPC Hero’s “Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts” for the three years in a row, Jeff Ferguson is no stranger to the industry speaking circuits throughout the US, Europe, and Asia. Jeff is a regular presenter at Ad:tech, AllFacebook Expo, Conversion Conference, eMetrics, Search Marketing Expo (SMX), Digital Hollywood, Online Marketing Summit (OMS), Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and Search Engine Strategies (SES), where he also served as a member of the advisory board. Additionally, Jeff has volunteered his time for the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) on both the national and regional levels, where he serves as a board member of the Los Angeles chapter.

Jeff can be found on Twitter at @countxero and @fangdigital.


The Type of Stuff You Can Expect to Learn

An Outline of the Masterclasses Delivered at DES2016 and What Business Owners Learned

BOOK HERE To Attend a Google AdWords Masterclass

It is an easy argument that Paid Search Advertising with Google AdWords should be a part of any marketing plan with a few pounds to rub together. In August 2016 Scotland's Small Businesses attended one of our Digital Marketing Scotland Masterclasses on AdWords delivered by PPC Guru Jeff Ferguson and were shown the reasons why you should include Google AdWords, plus how to create (and avoid the pitfalls) of your first campaign, including keyword research, account setup, budget management, reporting, and optimization. Great for those just getting started. So, why not Contact Digital Excellence Scotland to find out how you can get to grips with Google AdWords. You can either attend one of courses at CITY OF GLASGOW COLLEGE, or ask about our 1-2-1 ONLINE SESSIONS.

BOOK HERE - Learn to Navigate SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing & More

Navigate and make sense of SEO, Paid Search (Adwords), Social Media, Content Marketing, and more. In August 2016 Business Owners in Scotland attended a Masterclass led by globally renowned Internet Marketing Practitioner Matt Bailey of Sitelogic Marketing and learned how to create a single digital strategy that enabled their business to both accomplish marketing objectives, and improve their business. Matt demonstrated how specific digital marketing tasks develop your overall business at the same time. Those who attended walked away with a 6-12 month plan that provided a clear marketing pathway of What to do, When to do it, and knowing Why you are doing it and connecting it to your overall business revenue. Now, it's YOUR turn, why not attend one of our courses at CITY OF GLASGOW COLLEGE or ask about our 1-2-1 Online Web Marketing Workshops.

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