Make Sense of Your Website Performance by Getting to Grips with Google Analytics

You have a website. You believe it has been built to the highest standard. You trust that all the things you need to be successful online are in place. So, why have you not got Google Analytics on your website?

We find it hard to come to terms with those who are not navigating their website properly. Why would you not want to make sense of of the date behind your SEO, Paid Search (Adwords), Social Media and Content Marketing Strategies and more?

If you were amongst a bunch of lucky Business Owners in Scotland back in 2016 who attended a Digital Marketing Analytics Masterclass in Edinburgh you must be making money online now.

That Maserclass was led by globally renowned Internet Marketing Practitioner Matt Bailey of Sitelogic Marketing. He taught a bunch of Scottish Business Owners with websites a ton of stuff.

His workshop was on the most important thing you need to do when rolling out a Digital Marketing Strategy. How to properly measure your digital marekting strategy using the all important Google Analytics.

Without making use of Google Analytics and Google Search Console how are you going to accomplish your marketing objectives, and improve your business websites performance online?

Matt demonstrated how specific digital marketing analytical tasks help to develop your overall business at the same time. Those who attended, walked away with a 6-12 month digital marketing plan. Many since that day have all witnessed the positive outcomes they achieved from learning about Google Analytics and increased their profits 12 months later.

Are You Currently Driving Your Website Digital Marketing Strategy Without the Google Analytics Dashboard?

You might have the Google Analytics dashboard in place, but just don’t know how to interpret the numbers.

You need to have a clear marketing pathway of;

  • What to do
  • When to do it
  • Knowing why you are doing it and..
  • Connecting it to your overall business revenue

So, let us help you get your Website on the right track. You do want your website to have you win some money races and so increase your sales and profits, right?

You know what to do next, Contact the Digital Excellence Scotland Website Marketing Team, let us educate you and help you to understand your Google Marketing Dashboard, get to grips with Google Analytics and Google Search Console, plus introduce you to other important marketing tools you should be making use of.

A Digital Excellence Marketing Consultant will either visit you or engage with you Online, either way you are getting the 1-2-1 Web Marketing Consultancy you deserve to help you understand Google Analytics