Google AdWords Training for Micro and Small Medium Businesses in Scotland

It is an easy argument that if you have decided to do Paid Search Advertising, there is every chance you are going to need Google AdWords Training. You are going to need to get help building and planning your Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaings. In today’s crowded online market place it is going to come as no surprise that Paid Advertising should be part of your website marketing strategy.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in the first year of having put in place your website, or you are a few years down the line. Every business comes to a Digital Marketing tipping point. It is the realisation you can’t simply win the online race just by doing SEO Marketing or having a chat on some Social Media Channels. You are here, because you have decided Paid Advertising needs to be part of your Digital Marketing Strategy. Guaranteed, this step is long overdue.

Pay Per Click AdWords Help for Micro and Small Business Website Owners across Scotland

If in August 2016 you were amongst some of Scotland’s Small Businesses who attended one of our Digital Marketing Masterclasses in Edinburght – Great. It was on the subject of Google AdWords.

This Paid Advertising Masterclass was delivered by PPC AdWords Guru Jeff Ferguson. We reckon, if you were an attendee back then, you are one of the few who are getting to grips with this very powerful paid advertising marketing tool.

If you did not make it to this masterclass workshop, you just missed seeing the dynamic Jeff Ferguson. And, you missed the ton of stuff he talked about. However, you are here on this website page.

You are needing help in understanding Google AdWords before you spend your first pound. So, now that you are here, you will learn first hand, how to attempt doing Pay Per Click marketing.

Your 1-2-1 mentor would start by giving you the reasons, why you should include Google AdWords in your Digital Marketing Strategy.

We are in no doubt that across Scotland, there are hundreds of Micro and Small Medium Website Business Owners dabbling in a bit of Pay Per Click Advertising.  Dabbling, because nobody attempts to read the AdWords manual.

Some of you have dabbled at doing some SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).
Others amongst you are still questioning why SEO Marketing has not improved your Digital Marketing.
And others who are reading this are still baffled as to why your website is not ranking at all.

1-2-1 Google AdWords Training for SMEs to Avoid the Pitfalls

Do you feel that this is the last straw. That by taking this drastic measure of paid advertising this is your only hope of getting onto Page 1 of Google? The answer is NO.  But, Paid Advertsiing should be part of your Digital Marketing Strategy. So, where do you really begin if you are going to be good at doing Pay Per Click Advertising using Google AdWords? You could dabble. But how important is that marketing budget you are going to spend? Especially when you do Google AdWords for the first time.

This is the best answer on the board for micro and small medium business owners. If you are set on getting to grips properly with Paid Advertising and how to avoid the pitfalls get some 1-2-1 support.

Things will be better with a professional alongside you, who understands Pay Per Click and the complex dashboards of the Google AdWords Dashboard Interface.

You can have someone help you learn to build your first planned paid advertising campaign doing pay per click using Google AdWords. Learn how to properly setup an AdWords account.

You will need help deciding whether to choose Google AdWords or AdWords Express? Which is the right approach for your business?

What are the Important Tasks towards Having a Successful Google AdWords Marketing Campaign?

  • Keyword Research
  • Understand a little about Competitor Analysis
  • Building tightly managed Campaign Budgets
  • How to optimise Goal Landing Pages
  • How to measure and interpret your AdWords Campaign data using Google Analytics.

The 1-2-1 support is great for those just getting started and also for those who dipped their toe in the water but are not sure if they are doing Google AdWords correctly.

So, you know what to do – Contact Your Digital Excellence Scotland Marketing Practitioners and find out how you can get to grips with Google AdWords.

You can either arrange a site visit or ask about our 1-2-1 ONLINE MARKETING SESSIONS.