Small Business Web Design and Marketing Support Help for Micro and Small Business Website Owners in Scotland

Small Business Web Design and Marketing – it is so very important to you. Especially, if you are micro or small medium business. If you are wanting to succeed online, then putting in place the right type of support is often overlooked, even though you might be attempting to put a website in place all by yourself.

How To Build a Website From Scratch

Where do you begin when you want to find out How to Build a Website from Scratch? We understand lots of micro and small medium business owners across Scotland want to attempt the DIY I am going to build my own website. You might be attempting this for a number of reasons. Usually it is down to TIME | RESOURCE | KNOWLEDGE | BUDGET. But you can waste a lot of your energy in each of these areas, spending more time trying to learn how to build a successful website and then how to market a website. So, we are going to ask you the same question lots of other website designers and marketers have asked you many times before.
Hopefully our answers here might help you make the RIGHT decisions;

Need Professional Help to Build a Website? Or Are You Going to Attempt Building Your Own Website?

You want to keep cost doing to build your first website. We get that – totally. But you want to have a professional looking website. We can help with that. But I am thinking of building it with SquareSpace, WIX, Weebly or Shopify, Prestashop, EKM, Website Builder or any other you might mention. But, if you are serious about growing your business online and building a search engine friendly website that will be visible in search engines and that the website can actually be crawled and indexed by the major search engines? Now that is a topic and a decision should you not make without advice from a professional website builder. We cannot stop you using any of the products mentioned here. But what would be good for you is to know the Pros and Cons of each of these products and in what scenarios would you choose which website platform to support your design and marketing strategy.

Need Help with Your Digital Marketing Strategy? Or Are You Going to do Your Own Website SEO Marketing?

No, no I am doing just fine honestly. That is the usual answer we hear that will be followed with I can do my own website marketing. Another answer that is often heard is, a member of my family is into computers and he/she has helped me build my website and is now helping me with my internet marketing. Sounds familiar? Even Old School SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – will not work for you today. Artificial Intelligence and advance algorithms from Google who can make up to 600 changes a year is something you will need to stay abreast of. Paid Advertising you can’t really NOT do as you need to test your website with a REAL audience. But how do you know how many people per month are searching for what you offer? What tools will you use to conduct Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis to help TUNE your website pages?

Is Your Website Marketing Currently Successful?

Well, not right now, says the business owner. I built my own website a few months ago, but not seen any traffic yet. A friend of mine claims they are getting help with their internet marketing. And, they are already paying a lot of money each month for services. However, my friend is not having any success either despite the person they hired saying they could get them to the top of the search engines. I just don’t understand internet marketing or what I should really be doing to attract traffic to my website. So, why would services from Digital Excellence Scotland be any different?

All of these statements you have heard before in conversations – right? But there has to be someone with a track record at internet marketing who can help.

Website Performance? How is Your Technical SEO? Does Your Website Load in 2.0 Seconds or less?

This is the difference between doing a DIY Website build and design project or getting help to build you a website that is going to meet with the minimum standards expected by the likes of Google. Do you know, even website developers can fall foul here? There are around the globe professional website builders that do build fit for purpose websites. But we are afraid to have to share with you there are also just ‘Anorak Builders’ these are the ones who are just creative towards putting something together that is visually pleasing. Ask this group about sales, conversions and all the monetary success stories they can tell you about where the client website started at X and by the time it got to Y in a certain amount of months, it was making this amount of money. Now, do you want to bring your website in for a service? You are not contracting with us. You are simply bringing in your website to have some proper analysis conducted upon it. We shall tell you where the shortfalls are? We shall also tell you why your competitor is doing better than you when we measure them against you. This ONE OFF evaluation can save you POUNDS | WASTED TIME in the long run as you could be, right now – barking up the wrong tree!!

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